Finding a Window For the Youth in News

This is the post excerpt.


Straight out of college, inspired, passionate, and hungry for the world, defines a demographic; millennial, defines a generation; the intersection of the two, defines Creators Chris Altchek and Jake Horowitz created in 2011 seeing an opportunity to appeal to young people who want to be aware of relevant news and educated on worldly topic, but who are also young people. The concept may seem obscure, but within six years, and specific multimedia formats, it becomes clear how according to them, they have procured an audience of over 30 million each month, 73% of whom are younger than 35.

Boasting nearly every topic a regular newspaper covers, also offers vaguer categories that accentuate diversity and worldliness, concepts that appeal to the population they are interested in attracting. This includes a genre titled Connections.Mic and Identities.Mic. The mission of both emphasizes inclusion, answering questions people may be uncomfortable to discuss, and “reporting and writing on race, class, gender and sexuality, with a critical focus on how these categories impact our lives as millennials.” Through these sub sections, provides a modern day portrait of ethics for today’s  graduate, writing not only on topics that are being spoken about, but digging deeper and tapping into analysis.

screen-shot-2017-02-02-at-10-52-20-amIn the advertising realm, their mission also seems to fall under a portrait of ethics as well. Mic.Com states potential advertisers are meant to”bridge[s] the gap between your brand and our sought-after audience by telling your story with our unique sensibility and trusted voice.” Some of their advertisements include prominent or politically saturated T.V. shows featured on Hulu, or television stations such as BET.

The mission of is not aligned with conventional goal of a News institution. Breaking news is not a top priority, but rather finding an angle on a hot topic which would ask (and usually answer) the pervading questions surrounding the issue. Sometimes this means taking a stance on certain topics, “Trump approved Yemen al Qaeda raid – which left SEAL dead – without “sufficient” intel” (Ashley Edwards, Feb 2 2017), or closing in on a specific person with direct correlation to the issue at hand, “First they came for the Muslims, and Jared Kushner said nothing”(Jake Horowitz, Feb 2 2017). The latter was a direct letter from the editor to President Trump’s son in law himself.

While their subject matter varies from the usual stream of articles coming from primary news sources, leaning towards millennials, who they’ve proclaimed are, “inquisitive, have a healthy skepticism for conventional wisdom, and crave substantive news to spark interesting conversations.” The way in which information is presented strongly correlates with the technology prevalent with the targeted generation. A hard push towards video helped kick into the conversation with a video that asked “When is it okay to say the R word” a video that received over 15 million plays on Facebook. Channels with specific reporters, wide distribution methods and hot topics around sensitive subjects or cool new technology, has generated a name for itself as a media news platform that people seem to trust.

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