How Mic.Com Breaks News

When Syria’s President Bashir al-Assad used chemical weapons against his own people, it wasn’t anything out the realm of what has been happening in the past few years. The main difference is the administration change between Barack Obama’s leadership to Donald Trumps. That being said, there is still a lot of information to dig into, regarding the details of the chemical attack, the reactions of other political leaders, and of course President Trump’s reaction.

The only article that Mic.Com released after the news broke about chemical warfare was understandably about Trump’s statements.

Considering the readership Mic.Com tries to appeal to and gain; politically active, liberal youth; the article hits right where most would be interested. Mic.Com’s angle stems from President Trump’s statement outside the White House. They used very specific quotes coming from a small portion of the speech Trump made. The journalist, Emily Singer almost solely used quotes where Obama or his administration was mentioned, in a condescending or ineffective way. Though Singer mentions Trump’s anguish over the deed, she also points out his inability to name a reciprocal plan.

Prescribed to the emails, I expected some kind of update or an Instagram post, but neither were utilized to break the news. Additionally, only two other articles were published on the subject, both naming in the title Trump’s stagnancy.

Filed under Mic.Com’s new designed headlines, Trumps America encapsulates all the news after he came to be elected. Breaking news, especially when it comes to Trump’s actions or reactions has a lot of areas for journalism exploration. Mic.Com’s approach seems to be the analyzation after the fact. Readership most likely does not come to this format to receive breaking news but rather the liberal angle on the latest news.


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